Upcoming Exhibitions

Artistic Research: Visual Arts Faculty Exhibition 2015
May 7 – May 14, 2015

The University Art Gallery's approaching 50th Anniversary provides an opportune time to look back on the gallery's achievements. In many ways, a faculty exhibition provides the best framework through which to do so...

Annual Undergraduate Art Show
May 19 – May 22, 2015

This year's Annual Undergraduate Art Show seeks to highlight the diverse artistic achievements of the undergraduate upperclassmen of UCSD's Visual Arts community. The exhibition will feature the work of young artists engaged in contemporary art making practices.

8 // MFA Graduate Exhibition 2015
June 4 – July 3, 2015

The University Art Gallery at the University of California, San Diego presents 8 // MFA Graduate Exhibition 2015. This exhibition features artwork by eight graduating students from the Visual Arts MFA program at UC San Diego.

Upcoming Events